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Sunday Morning Surprise

My wife and I haven’t taken a Sunday off in over a year.  I mean really off, not just leading worship somewhere else.  About a week ago we decided to take April 1st off.  No foolin’. At the time we thought our children were going to be house sitting for a friend.  The friend’s trip ended up not happening, so now our Sunday off plans included our kids.  No problem there, we love to do stuff with...

Sue the… um, Bloggers!

Capital Hill Blue has a article from yesterday’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about a defamation lawsuit brought against a blogger from State College named Aaron May.  It’s disturbing enough to think about a blogger being sued for something he said in a blog (the First Amendment applies in cyberspace, doesn’t it?) but here’s the bizarre part:  Aaron May is being sued for a comment posted by a...

Extreme Lifestyle Change Comes to Alleged Blogger

It’s been well over a month since I posted to this weblog.  And what a month it has been. In the last month I changed careers (see the “About Alan” link to the left for more info), left a church, and stepped onto a conveyor belt that was traveling 100 mph.  Well, not literally, but it sure felt that way.  On Monday, June 13, I joined the team at 316 Networks.  On Thursday night the site went live...

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