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After spending way too much time today reading through over 50 comments on a post about R.C. Sproul, most of which were just downright mean and nasty (imagine that, Christians on the Internets being mean and nasty), I ran across this great quote from Jeremiah Burroughs, the great Puritan preacher who spent his last days devoted to healing the divisions he saw developing in the Body of Christ in the mid-1600s:

“If contentious men can find nothing against their brethren, they will surmise there is something. If they can find nothing in their actions to judge, they will judge their hearts. If there is nothing above board, they will think there may be something under board; and from thinking there may be something they will think it is very likely there is something; and from the likelihood that there is, they will conclude there is.”  (Burroughs, Irenicum, p. 204).

HT: Douglas Wilson, Blog and Mablog

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