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How to succeed in business without really trying

Remember the joke about the conversation between a used car salesman, the Easter Bunny and an honest lawyer?  The punch line reminds you that there’s no such thing as the Easter Bunny or an honest lawyer.

But now, thanks to a carelessly addressed e-mail, one has finally been located in the Netherlands.  Or at least a forthright one.

Reinder Eekhof thought he was sending an e-mail to a friend who worked at the Amsterdam law firm of Houthoff Buruma.  In the message he said he had "finally finished this stupid education," and was "now looking for someone crazy enough to dump a suitcase full of money in my lap every month."

Only one problem:  Budding Esquire Eekhof mis-typed the address and sent it instead to someone in the Houthoff Buruma’s communications department.  That person forwarded it to a few friends, who forwarded it to a few friends, and before long Reinder’s blunt tome was being read by and laughed at by employees at law firms (and their friends) all over Europe.

In most cases, such a boneheaded goof would have doomed the person’s employment prospects.  But you will recall Mr. Eekhof aspires to be a lawyer.  It seems that law firms all over the Netherlands are clamoring to get Eekhof to come in for an interview, including Houthoff Buruma, where he is scheduled to interview for an internship position.

I predict Reinder Eekhof will go far in the legal profession. 


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