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Are you a spiritual trainer?

The term “personal trainer” has become common over the last few years as more and more Americans have a desire to get in better shape and win the battle of the bulge.  A personal trainer is one who guides you through the process, showing you what you need to do to achieve your fitness goals.

Personaltrainer_2 Have you ever thought of yourself as a personal spiritual trainer?  If you are a pastor, minister, teacher, leader or mentor you are.  On his GrowthStarts blog, Randy Elster has an excellent continuing series going through I Timothy.  In his latest post, he deals with 4:8-10. Verse 8 reminds us that “bodily exercise is of some value, but godliness has value in all things.” He points out that with the phrase “labor and strive” in verse 10 Paul is employing an athletic metaphor.

Randy lists three essential things you must do – and be – if you are to be an effective spiritual trainer:  1) You need to live out with your life what you say with your lips.  He points out no one would trust a personal trainer who is 50 pounds overweight and has a donut in each hand.  2) You need to keep learning and growing yourself.  Who wants a trainer who used to be in great shape but has let him or herself go?  And, 3) You need to be actively involved in training others. It may seem painfully obvious, but in order to be a trainer, you have to be involved in training others (not just talking or writing about it).

If you are involved in ministry in any form, you are a spiritual trainer!  To paraphrase Hans and Franz, you’re here to pump… them up!  Make sure these three essentials are true in your life.

Check out GrowthStarts blog here.  You can find Randy’s entire series on I Timothy here.

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