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Badge and Angel… A Parable of Sorts

We love animals and we’ve never been without at least one and usually a lot more living with us. For most of our married life we’ve mostly had dogs since I’ve never really been a cat person.  After years of requests (actually more like whining, begging and pleading) from our daughter, we got her a cat for Christmas in 2000.  She named her new pride and joy Angel. 

Not too long after that we rescued a black and white cat we named Badge, proving Hemingway’s observation that "One cat just leads to another."

Badge and Angel have been together their whole lives.  They are both cats.  Inside cats. They eat the same brand of cat food.  They use the same brand of kitty litter.  They have the same vocabulary… and by that I mean they both say "Meow" with approximately the same inflection.  They both love to be held and loved on.  They both love to have their heads scratched.

Despite all they have in common, despite the fact they have lived together in close proximity their whole lives, Badge and Angel can’t stand each other.  When they are on their absolute best behavior they tolerate each other.  They are rarely in the same room unless that room is really large and there’s at least ten feet between them.

At least once a day for the last five years we have been treated to the two of them hissing and screeching at each other as one of them chases the other to a neutral corner.  You’d think after hundreds of these fights, we’d get used to it or we’d get rid of one or both of them.  But we haven’t gotten used to it – especially when the cat fight happens in the middle of the night.  And we haven’t gotten rid of either one of them because we love them both. And as they say, dogs have masters, cats have staff.

I’ve come to realize something… I have Baptist cats.

Think about it.  They are like many Baptists I know.  They have so much in common, but they just can’t get along with each other.  They each have their own strongly held narrow opinions of how things should be and when one of them doesn’t get his or her way, they pitch a fit.

But Badge and Angel are just cats. They’re just acting on instinct.  They don’t know any better.  We on the other hand are God’s highest creation and endowed by Him with reason, intellect and, one would hope, spiritual discernment.  We’re not just dumb animals.

There’s hope for us, right?   Right?

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